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Great experience

Just had an experience with evelyn alonso and team and they are an A+ law firm will recommend to anyone looking for professionalism, honesty and accuracy law firm.


Servicio de Excelencia

Estaba pasando una situación muy difícil con inmigración, ya Dios me puso en mi camino a la Sra. Alonso para llevar mi caso demostrando ser una persona muy dedicada, entregada y con muy buena comunicación para sus clientes, de verdad muy satisfecho por su profesionalidad!!!.

José Perez


Abogada Evelyn Alonzo , Yo Clayreth Goyo recomiendo sus Servicios Excelente representación en mi Caso Migratorio donde me fue denegada mi fianza , contraté sus servicios a través de su valiosa gestión Profesional dio Credibilidad a la Jueza y Fiscal donde me fue otorgada mi libertad bajo la fianza que antes fue denegada muchas bendiciones para ella. Siempre agradecida por su valiosa y destacada gestión! RECOMIENDO SUS SERVICIOS

Clayreth Goyo

Was Saved twice in Severe Legal Issues

I can’t Express my Gratitude I’m a Mother if a 5 year Old Princess and Unfortunately Have been Dealing with Legal Issues just When I thought there Was No Hope Evelyn Alonzo Came Forward with her Professional Work Ethics and Reunited with my Daughter I had Contacted other lawyers that wanted to Charge Ridiculous Amount of Money ,Her Rates were Fair and her Hard Work Brought Results ,,,,,,Thank you Ms Evelyn Alonzo for Bringing my Baby her Mother Back ,,,,Thank u.


Excellent Lawyer

I was in ICE custody when i hired Evylen and she did a great job bonding me out. I hired her again to handle my whole immigration case after i’ve seen how good she is.
She is super friendly and very nice person and great lawyer and i highly recommend her.


Salvo a mi hermana en caso criminal

I hired Ms. Alonzo for my sisters serious federal case, she saved her. My sister got involved with the wrong people, who had her trafficking drugs. My sister ended up with the least time sentenced almost nothing from all the people in the case. We thank you Ms. Alonzo for fighting for my sister, she will be home soon thanks to you.


Excellent Services Professional

Me siento completamente satisfecho con los servicios profesionales de Mrs. Evelyn Alonso, por su eficiencia y profesionalismo desempeñado en mi reciente caso de Immigacion y recomiendo sus servicios a quie los pueda necesitar.
Muchas Gracias .


Nursing assistant

Very professional and interested in his cases capable of going up to the bottom of situations and finding solutions has proven me to his agility and devotes his cases always seeking the best solutions for his customer.the recommendation of 100% is dedicated and very capable for me is unique.


Profesional y responsable

Estuve encerrado en BTC y gracias a Evelyn pude salir por medio de una fianza . Mí juez era Berry Chaid , ella fue muy profesional , siempre asistió a las cortes a tiempo y pudo defender de muy buena manera mí caso logrando que el juez aceptará una fianza.

Muchas gracias Evelyn , no hubiera podido salir sin tu ayuda!! :)


Excellent lawyer

Great experience hiring this attorney, very responsible, professional and bilingual. A lot of knowledge in immigration process, highly recommended to solve any problem you can have.


Better..it’s impossible

En unos de los momentos más difíciles que vivía mi familia , tomé la certera decisión de poner el futuro de mi esposa retenida en BTC por inmigración en los conocimientos y profesionalismo de Evelyn Alonso. En un caso verdaderamente difícil donde la deportación de mi esposa cada día se hacía más real e inevitable.
La entrega y dedicación incondicional de Evelyn Alonso con su gran equipo de trabajo hicieron una investigación donde demostraron sus conocimientos logrando la victoria de la corte con una fianza para mi esposa que había permanecido dos meses retenida y finalmente pudimos estar juntos en familia
Gracias por tan exclusivo servicio, por mantener su profesionalismo, ser tan justa y accesible en cuanto a mis pagos por su gran trabajo y que lo más importante fue la solución de ese inmenso problema que hoy por hoy me tomo este tiempo para escribir en estas líneas que eres y serás nuestra abogada y para todo aquel que logre leer o escuchar mi experiencia siempre tengan en cuenta que ha sido Excelente!! Y la recomiendo al 100%.

Carlos Costales

Evelyn saved my new family

My Fiancé was detained on a Friday afternoon and Evelyn answered my call late that same Friday night when I had almost lost hope. She explained to me how she could help and and about the process I retained her immediately as my lawyer. Being that I was 5months pregnant, I was very scared and had much anxiety about my Fiancé being taken from me. After my initial discussion with Evelyn, I felt happy, secure, and confident to have such a knowledgeable expert taking care of my Fiancé’s case and I truly felt she cared about helping us. Evelyn was very fast to file the motions for my Fiancé and provided clear instruction about what she needed for the judge and about the process. My fiancé was able to come home in two weeks, which was very fast considering the immigration court processes. Evelyn was honest and up front about everything which was why I trusted and felt comfortable that she had our family’s best interests at heart and would do the right thing. Her fee was extremely fair and was more than worth it. Evelyn is truly a talented and impressive Lawyer and I was thankful to have found her. Our family is back together and I will continue with her until all of this is done. She has already started laying out the next steps in the process. I would recommend Evelyn to everyone who needs legal immigration assistance. Thank you!!!


You’re the best

Dr. Evelyn is a professional that I recommend 100% for the good work performed in my case thanks to her I had an excellent result and despite everything I was able to get my status back in this country, I give it a thousand times thanks for your professional work and excellent person. You're the best.



My father was close to being deported back to Dominican Republic and our lawyer used her skills to save him and our family.


The best lawyer

Evelyn is the best, I can’t ask for a better lawyer she did a perfect job with my case


Perfect attention and perfect work.

She was on Point with my courts andnon time all the time. She is really profesional and creative with her work. Couldn’t ask for anything better.


Perfect lawyer

Pudo probar eficazmente que yo no era la persona por la cual había sido arrestado ,llamando a diferentes entidades haciendo más de 150 llamadas para mostrar que no era la persona correcta la que tenían en la carcel.


Best Lawyer

Got both my tickets dropped... great attorney will definitely recommend to others... reasonable price. Best lawyer in Miami!!!


Immigration Case

Evelyn Alonso is a professional lawyer. He represented my husband in a migratory case and I sympathize with my family in the face of this harsh adversity. She is a lawyer who supports the rights of immigrants and fights for them. Do not hesitate to contact her to request your services

Evelyn Alonso es una abogada profesional. Representó a mi esposo en un caso migratorio y se solidarizo con mi familia ante esta dura adversidad. Es una abogado que apoya los derechos de los inmigrantes y lucha por ellos. No duden en contactarla de requerir sus servicios.

Ivanna Esquerre

very professional, excellent and reliable lawyer in Miami

We were desperately seeking for a lawyer for my brother. Someone referred Evelyn, and that was our best luck. My brother has been a permanent resident for more than 20 years, got a drug possession conviction in Texas 5 years ago and he was serving his probation when ICE put him in detention center facing deportation. We were without hope, thinking deportation was mandatory and imminent , he tried to represent himself in ICE court but the court was postponed one week more and everything was very confused, we were hopeless and we decided to hire an attorney, most of them in Miami charge you $10 000 automatically, without checking the case , we found Evelyn, God put you in our life Evelyn, her first statement was:" first I will check the case then I will tell you how much is", that make sense, she gave us the most reasonable price, she informs you every step, pro and cons, always answers calls and texts, always is there for you, always gives you support and hope, she prepared the case direct with my brother and with us, my brother got his residency back, deportation dropped, he was released same day just hours later, thank you Evelyn again, you are the best lawyer and much better you are a good human being. Definitely is the perfect lawyer to hire in Miami area, Of course I will hire her again if needed, I recommend you with a 5 star
Thank you Evelyn, Thank You and thank you


Excellent service

Evelyn was hired to represent my father who had an order of deportation. We chose her because she seemed very knowledgeable and campassionate about the case. She stood by his side and did an amazing work. She’s not these immigration lawyers that take your money and do no work. If I had to face this same situation again, I will hire her without a doubt again!


Excellent service

Evelyn was hired to represent my father as his immigration lawyer. She was highly recommended to us, did an amazing job; was able to get him out on bond. Whenever I would call or text, she was always available to take my call or text and very untop of my father's case. She's very compassionate and explains everything with detail. I think if anyone were to ask me if I know an immigration lawyer, I won't think twice in recommending her. She's awesome!


Excellent lawyer

Evelyn Alonzo was very helpful in helping me get my citizenship. I highly recommend her. No disappointments whatsoever!


Best Immigration Lawyer that you will ever find!!!

While no one wishes to find themselves encarcerated and dealing with an immigration hold, Evelyn Alonso is a knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy attorney. She makes you feel comfortable enough to count on her every step of the way. Whether you call her on a Sunday night to a Wednesday morning she will always be available. I am so great full to have found her in such a time of need. Whoever is looking for an attorney that will make you feel like family, do not hesitate to hire this attorney!

Osmandry Rodriguez

Ms. Alonso gets the job done.

I have hired Ms. Alonso for a few cases now. Each time she has exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge set far surpasses her years in experience. If you are in need of a lawyer who you can depend on and know they will be in your corner then you need to call Evelyn Alonso.


Evelyn Alonso

Yo Carmen Bacallao contraté a evelyn Alonso para un caso de emigración de mi hijo. Les puedo decir q es muy buena en su trabajo y muy profesional ,a cualquier hora q sus clientes la necesiten siempre está dispuesta ,en pocas palabras la recomendaría a cualquier persona